D condo Ramkhamhaeng


SKU : SC00484

1 Bed /1 Bath 30 sq.m

หมวดหมู่ : For Rent Bangkok Condominium > 20,000


D condo Ramkhamhaeng for rent

1 Bed/1Bath 30 sq.m corner unit

Fully furnished( Bed/couch/ bulit in closet/dining table..etc) Spacious balcony. Very clean room. New fridge. Plus big screen TV and microwave. Safety. Gated community with 24 hrs security guard on duty. CCTV monitored and double key card access to the bldg and elevator.

Superb location at only fraction rental cost of 9,500 baht

- Easy to commute from Airport or downtown with airport link(Ramkhamhaeng station) Less than a mile(15 mins walk)

- Near Ramkhamhaeng university

- Near ABAC university

- Near Foodland supermarket(up scale western food/produce)

- Near the Mall Ramkhamhaeng

- Near cinema theatre (Major Ramkhamhang)

- Onsite 7-11 convenient store open 24hrs

- Free Parking lots

- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/k2ZH8kiUeXD2

GPS: 13.749737, 100.607372

Everything is ready. Just roll in your luggage and the room is your. Available for Non smoker only please.

1 year contract. 1st month rent upfront.
2 months deposit.(refundable)

long term contract 
2 months security deposit 1 month in advance

Contact : SC Property Group co.,ltd 
(+66) 089-069-9977 
line id: kiangtkt
(+66) 090-907-4797
line id: @scpropertygroup
Email: allthaiproperties@gmail.com 

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