The Lake Ville


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Modern Contemporary Style "Contemporary Living with Modern Lifestyle"

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     Rama 2 House The Lake Ville A 100-rai lakefront home on the most beautiful land of Sarinty, surrounded by lakes, all home to the waterfront. Beautiful views and fresh water. Happy to be with everyone in the family. With commitment to every detail. Both the design of the home project. Land plot And garden A large clubhouse within the project. And with the development of housing for a long time. The project takes into account the security system. It has been designed to provide one-way access to more secure security. The flood protection system is closed as well.

     The design provides one-way access and security to enhance security. And closed flood protection.

    Close to convenient facilities such as Central Rama 2 Tesco Lotus Rama 2 Big C Rama 2 Bang Pakok Hospital 9 Inter Narathana Hospital. Bangmod Hospital Somchai Nursery School Assumption Campus Rama II

     LV-22X home with a total area of 227 sqm, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, separate kitchen. With special functions "Relax on the waterfront" as living in luxury resort every day.




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