Supalai Oriental Sukhumvit 39


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Contemporary condominium with distinctive contemporary oriental design. For living in a luxurious, peaceful, traditional Oriental style.

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Supalai Oriental Sukhumvit 39 Condominium
Another condominium project brought on to the market by Angel Real Estate, applied for registration by Supalai Public Company Limited. Construction of this new condo has been started in 2017 and completed in late 2020. The EIA has been approved on 29th May 2017. This condominium project consist of 4 buildings, building A and B having 25 stories and Building C and D having 35 stories with 1,046 units, 8 shops. The project is located on 10-1-29 acres in strategically most important location of Bangkok on Soi Sukhumvit 39, Klongtoei nua, Wattana.

Extra Project Details
Nearest sky train station: BTS Phrompong 1.8 km and Phetchaburi 1.5 km.
Nearest express way: Phetchaburi Expressway
Design Concept: Oriental style
Structures and buildings: Reinforced steel structure
Construction style: Steel reinforced structure, post-processing system.
Size of the corridor: Tower A, B 1.5m wide, Tower C, D 1.65m wide
Material of hallway: tile
Water system in building: gavity flow and booter pump
Elevator Brand: Mitsubishi
Speed of the Elevator: 150 m / min, fire lift 150 m / min
selevator Capacity & size: 15 people.
Type of the air conditioning system: Conceal Type
Brand of the air conditioner: Daikin
Parking Spaces: 100%
Green Areas in this Project: More than 3 rai
Shuttle Service: Shuttle Service to BTS Prompong station
Maintenance Fee: 45 baht/Sq.m
Sinking Fund: 450 baht/Sq.m
The Height of ceiling
Tower A, B Floor Typical 2.55 m
Presidential floor 2.7 m
Tower C, D Floor Typical 2.8 m
Presidential floor 3 m

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